About Live Electric Tours

About Electric Car

We are the Best Tourism Startup in Europe in 2018 and the Best Sustainable Tourism Startup in the World in 2020 because we are environmentally friendly, we give you the best mobility solution to visit a city, we allow you to always be connected and we give you the opportunity to share your experience in real-time with your friends and family.

We are the only ones to have a fleet of 100% Electric Twizy cars for your urban road trip. We have a strong and experienced team that is close to you and committed to offering a unique and innovative service.

We are close because we help you choose, plan, and have the best experience possible during your visit.

We work for the future of Tourism and think about the new style of visitors.

It’s your time, it’s your vacation, it’s your experience.

With our fleet of environmentally friendly 100% electric Twizy cars, we offer you complete freedom to discover the city at your own pace.

You can stop where and when you want, taking your time to explore in a safe and comfortable way.

Connect to the free WIFI and share your special experience with your friends and family on social media.

Discover the city in real-time with a GPS audio guide that will help you not get lost and optimize your time in a much better way.


These Are Our 100% Electric Twizys!

The live electric tours cars are the only ones in the world that are equipped with free wifi, a GPS audio guide, and a live camera to share everything in real-time with friends and family.

With our cars, parking is free and you still get to know the city with maximum safety and comfort. All cars have airbags, seat belts, and disc brakes.

Easy to drive

With a capacity for two people, our cars are the best way to get to know the city with maximum energy and safety. Fully automatic, they allow anyone to quickly adapt to this new eco-friendly way of touring.

GPS audio guide

Our GPS audio guide has all the pre-defined tours so you don’t get lost. It is equipped with a personal tour assistant, speaks several languages, and shows you the best tips and the best points of interest so you don’t miss anything during your tour. Tune up your humor and interactivity and share your best moments in real-time using your Twizy\’s WIFI connection.

LIVE ELECTRIC TOURS is a self-drive experience with 100% electric vehicles. It’s considered the Best Tourism Startup in Europe recognized by winning the competition STARTUP EUROPE AWARDS in 2018 and World´s Best Sustainability Tourism Startup recognized by winning UNWTO 2nd TOURISM STARTUP COMPETITION in 2020.

LIVE ELECTRIC TOURS is a brand of ELECTRIC RENT, a Portuguese startup incubated in the STARTUP LISBOA, with the ambition of being a market leader in the promotion of electric vehicles, as key to the new mobility and sustainability of cities. The best partner of brands in the development and activation of strategies for customer engagement and sustainability.