Grand Tour Lisbon

Lisbon Promenade on Segway

About this tour

This is a private tour: yes

Tour duration: 120 min

Transportation: segway

Private Tour guiding language: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Live Tour guide: yes

Price from: € 39

Uncover Lisbon’s avenues effortlessly while aboard a Segway.

Prepare for a seamless glide through the enchanting streets of Lisbon, discovering the city in a hassle-free manner. Our journey commences from the banks of the Tagus River, leading us to meander through the quaint streets and alleys of the historic old town, threading our way through quintessential neighborhoods such as Mouraria and Alfama.

Kickstarting the adventure is a comprehensive hands-on driving tutorial, ensuring you grasp the Segway’s operation with confidence, enabling you to elegantly navigate its charming thoroughfares. Traverse the old town’s labyrinthine passages, eventually arriving at the esteemed religious edifice, the Holy See of Lisbon. As we drift beside the Castle of Saint Jorge, inhale the essence of history that lingers in the air, pausing at the captivating viewpoints dotting the hills. Here, you’ll gain insights into the city’s rich history, brimming with anecdotes, while immersing yourself in its outdoor culture by exploring the most iconic corners of the ancient district.

Lisbon, a city of undulating terrain, surprises with awe-inspiring vistas nestled in the most unexpected corners – ideal backdrops for capturing photographic moments astride the Segway.

Embark on an exploration of remarkable sites like the renowned flea market, Feira da Ladra, or the National Pantheon, conserving precious walking time and infusing your Lisbon sojourn with enhanced delight.

Venturing into downtown, we reach the vibrant central squares of Rossio and Martim Moniz, teeming with bustling activity and commercial energy. These are the ideal spots to immerse yourself in the city’s daily rhythm, savor local snacks, or indulge in the sweetness of ginginha.

Relax and relish this Segway escapade within an ambiance steeped in local history and culture. Effortlessly cruise on your Segway through the dimly lit cobblestone lanes, graced by the quintessential Portuguese “calçada,” an emblem of Lisbon’s aesthetic charm in the modern era.