Electric Car Rental Conditions

Thank you for making your reservation with Live Electric Tours, we hope to meet your expectations. At the end of the tour we would like to have your comments so that we can improve the quality of our service.

I. Reservation

1. The reservation must be made through the site “liveelectrictours”, to the email [email protected] or by telephone +351 963 263 141.
2. On specific occasions the reservation may be made in the moment and physically at the place where an employee will assist you and will guide you through the rental conditions and procedures.
3. Group reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance to the email [email protected].

II. Renter

1. The driver must be at least 18 years of age at the time of rental of the vehicle and hold a valid driver’s license valid for more than one year.
2. A renter of Portuguese nationality or a national of a European Union country (hereinafter only U.E.) must present a valid identification document, namely a citizen’s / identity card or passport, containing a photograph.
3. The renter not resident in the U.E., must present a valid passport with Romanesque characters.
4. The renter not resident in the U.E. must present a valid international driver’s license (IDP), which must have translation in several languages, as well as the national driving license issued by the respective Country.
5. The driving license issued by the People’s Republic of China may be accepted provided that the renter submits a document with the official translation of the license issued by a Chinese authority.
6. The Driving License issued by the People’s Republic of China – Macau Economic Zone is recognized in Portugal, provided it is written in Portuguese.
7. The driving license issued by Vietnam shall be accepted provided it is accompanied by a document with the official translation made by the Vietnamese Ministry of Transport.

III. Delivery and return

1. Customers must present themselves at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time, to complete the necessary documentation, to pay the tour and the deposit.
2. The Renter declares that the vehicle has been delivered to him in a perfect state of preservation and cleanliness and without any defects or apparent anomalies, except those that are identified, when they exist, in front of this contract, being obliged to make the return in the exact same ones under the conditions and conditions in which it was received, at the place and date designated at the front of this document.
2. The customer has a tolerance of 15 minutes to return the car to the agreed place.
3. In the event of a delay in the refund, the lessee shall be obliged for an hour or fraction of a delay, with a minimum of one hour, to pay, by way of a penalty clause, an amount equal to the price of the tour contracted.

IV. Price and warranty

1. The rental price is fixed according to the tour and the extras chosen by the Client and stated in front of this contract and must be paid at the time of delivery of the vehicle, before the tour starts.
2. In order to guarantee damages caused during the tour, the client is obliged to make a deposit of € 100,00 (one hundred euros) by credit card or cash, which will be canceled or returned at the end of the tour, provided that the vehicle does not present damage attributed to its use.
3. There will be no refund of any amount if the vehicle is returned before the scheduled time.
4. For payments made on the internet, the same will be considered valid when presenting the same credit card.

V. Amendment

1. Live Electric Tours allows you to change the reservation by the following means:
a) By telephone +351 921 453 302, or
b) for the email: [email protected]
2. Any change in the reservation will only be accepted if there is availability, the cost being recalculated according to the current price list, which may be higher than the tour price initially reserved. This applies to the following situations:
a) change of place of delivery of the vehicle;
b) change in the date and time of delivery of the vehicle;
c) change the date and time of the return of the vehicle.
d) Change of tour;
3. If the change is made up to 24 hours before the start of the tour, no administrative charge will be charged.
4. Live Electric Tours reserves the right to charge administrative charges if any changes are made to the reservation, within a period of less than 24 hours, from the date / time scheduled for the start of the reservation.

VI. Cancellation

1. Cancellations must be made with a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled start time of the tour. If it is not done, the tour costs will be charged.
2. However, if the client wishes, he/she may make a reservation for another date and, if Live Electric Tours is available, the new reservation will be accepted without any additional costs, under the terms and conditions in section IV above.
3. If the Renter does not cancel the reservation before the scheduled start time of the tour, or pick up the vehicle at the agreed date and time, Live Electric Tours reserves the right to charge the tour amount in full.
4. The amount referred to in the previous number, is intended to compensate the Live Electric Tour for the impossibility of renting the car, as it is reserved.
5. Live Electric Tours reserves the right to cancel the reservation if there are external reasons, such as adverse weather conditions, movement restrictions, such as wars, riots or other natural phenomena.
6. If the exceptional conditions referred to in the previous number occur, Live Electric Tours will inform the customer as soon as it can confirm the facts, proposing a new start date and an alternative period.

VII. Terms of use

1. The Renter is responsible for the use and maintenance of the vehicle during the entire rental period.
2. The vehicle may only be driven by the Lessee and / or the driver (s) identified on the front of this document, under penalty of exclusion of the insurance coverage and possible automatic termination of the contract by the Lessor.
3. The Renter is responsible for the acts practiced by the drivers of the vehicle, obliging them to comply with the general and particular obligations that are part of this contract.
4. When the vehicle is not being used, the Lessee must park it in a safe place, well closed and locked.
5. The customer and / or the driver are expressly prohibited from using or permitting to use the following conditions:
a) To rent, mortgage, engage or sell, give as payment, not only the car or any part of it, as well as the rental agreement, keys, documentation, equipment, tools and / or any other of its accessories;
b) To rent to transport passengers, unless prior agreement of Live Electric Tours (for example, for the purpose of sharing the vehicle);
c) to carry a number of persons in excess of the capacity indicated on the vehicle registration certificate;
d) To transport flammable and / or dangerous goods, toxic, harmful and / or radioactive products or those which violate the current legal provisions (provided that such exclusion does not prohibit them from satisfying daily necessities that do not violate applicable laws and whose the carriage would correspond to normal use of the rented vehicle);
e) To participate in races, ramp or off-roading, reliability tests, speed tests or participate in demonstrations, competitions or sports events, wherever located, whether official or not;
f) To transport live animals, other than pets and / or pets, subject to the express written permission of Live Electric Tours;
g) To give driving lessons;
h) To propel or tow another vehicle, trailer or any object;
i) For driving on non-tarred roads or gravel roads where the surface, size or state of the road poses risks to the vehicle, such as beaches, impassable roads, forest roads, mountains, etc., or on unauthorized roads, paved roads, except in situations duly authorized in writing by Live Electric Tours;
j) To commit an intentional offense;
k) To carry on board any type of boat, ship, train, lorry or airplane, unless express written authorization is given by Live Electric Tours;
l) To drive on roads with prohibited traffic, ports, airports and / or aerodromes or similar, not accessible to public traffic, or in refinery facilities and oil companies, without the express written permission of Live Electric Tours;
m) by any person under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance that, directly or indirectly, reduces their perception and ability to react.
6. If Live Electric Tours approves driving in the aforementioned places, it will inform the customer about the insurance coverage of the vehicle, being the responsibility of the client any damages that may result from its use.

VIII. Liability of Renter

1. The driver is obliged to comply with all the rules of the Portuguese Highway Code.
2. The Tenant shall be responsible for:
a) Any fine, traffic ticket or any other penalty, judicial or extrajudicial expenses, for violation of road rules or any other legal norms, attributed to the vehicle or its driver and that occurred during the period in which the vehicle was under its responsibility, unless it is due to causes attributable to Live Electric Tours;
b) The damages caused to the vehicle or to third parties that are not covered by insurance or that are excluded from insurance for reasons attributable to the Renter;
c) All expenses and damages inherent to the immobilization of the Car, when it is seized by the police or administrative authorities.
3. In the event that Live Electric Tours is notified by any entity, as a consequence of a misconduct or unlawful conduct practiced by the Lessee, solely to identify the same, the latter undertakes to pay, as administrative expenses, the amount of € 50 (fifty euros) plus VAT at the legal rate in force, for the information provided to that entity.
4. The payment of any sums due under the terms referred to above shall not relieve the Lessee or any other person who is also responsible for the civil or criminal liability resulting from his or her conduct.

IX. Liability of Live Electric Tours

1. Live Electric Tours is not liable for any difficulties that are beyond its control, such as the stability of the 4G connection, traffic jams; among others, during the tour.
2. Live Electric Tours, except for gross negligence or gross negligence, is not presumed to be liable for any damages suffered by the Renter or third parties, related to the use of the vehicle during the rental period, or loss or damage caused by the property of the Lessee or third parties who have been left in it.
3. Live Electric Tours, unless gross negligence or gross negligence, which is not presumed, shall not be liable for any mechanical failures of the vehicle or consequential damages. In the event of a breakdown, the Renter must contact Lessor using the number using the assistance number and other contacts indicated on the front of this contract, providing the details of the breakdown.

X. Insurance

1. The price of the tour includes the coverage of the Mandatory Car Insurance and Civil Liability for damages and losses against third parties derived from the use and circulation of the vehicle.
2. These coverages are guaranteed and are assumed by the insurance company with which Live Electric Tours has contracted the corresponding insurance policy and are subject to the general and specific clauses of the same and the law in force.
3. By signing this agreement, the Client joins the said policy as an insured, whose conditions are at his disposal at the premises of Live Electric Tours, whose address is on the front of this document.

XI. Documents

1. The Renter declares that he has received, on the date of the start of the rental, a folder containing all the documents that pertain to the vehicle, essential to the circulation of the same.
2. The Renter is solely responsible in case of loss of all or any of the documents during the rental period.
3. In the event of loss of any or all documents, the Renter shall indemnify Live Electric Tours, in the amount of € 100 (one hundred euros), for the request of new documents.

XII. Personal data

1. The personal data of the Renter and / or the driver of the vehicle are mandatory for the execution of this contract.
2. The Client(s) granting this agreement expressly authorizes Live Electric Tours to process the data provided by computer, and this entity is responsible for the computer processing of the personal data provided in the scope of this contract.
3. The client authorizes the use of his image in any material produced, namely photos, films, documents, or others in its use for publicity or promotional campaigns of Live Electric Tours.
4. The Client’s data will be kept for as long as it is necessary for the provision of services or contractual relationship, and in any case as long as the latter does not request its deletion, as well as the time required to comply with the legal obligations corresponding to each case, according to each type of data.
5. Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing and free movement of personal data shall be issuers, responsible parties and / or named users, access to their personal data for the purpose of, in particular, rectification, updating or modification.

XIII. Legislation and jurisdiction

1. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Portugal.
2. In the event of a dispute between Live Electric tours and the Client, the Court of Lisbon shall have jurisdiction.