Grand Tour 3 hour

The Highlights of Downtown

About this tour

Tour duration: 60 min

Transportation: segway

Group Tour guiding language: English

Private Tour guiding language: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Live Tour guide: yes

Price from: € 29

Explore the Downtown Lisbon Highlights with Speed on Wheels

Join us for a swift journey through the captivating avenues of Lisbon as we uncover the downtown highlights on wheels!

Commencing with a brief practice session to boost your confidence and readiness, we set off to explore some of the city’s most renowned downtown attractions. Our first stop takes us to the iconic Commerce Square, a historic site where numerous ships embarked on voyages during the age of navigational discoveries in the 1500s.

Feel the whispers of history in the breeze as we gracefully pass by the city hall, offering you a glimpse into the city’s storied past – its tales and revelations – allowing you to connect with its vibrant outdoor culture.

Ascending to Chiado, we pause at Carmo Square, revisiting the famed Carnation Revolution of 1974. Lisbon’s seven hills invariably provide stunning vistas in the most unexpected corners, creating picturesque backgrounds for your photographic moments.

Descending from our vantage point, we continue our exploration to the expansive squares of Rossio, Martim Moniz, and Figueira. Each square boasts its own distinct charm, abuzz with commerce and a plethora of restaurants. These lively hubs present the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in Lisbon’s daily rhythm, sample local delicacies, and relish the convivial atmosphere.

Relax and delight in this Segway expedition within an ambiance steeped in local history and culture. Effortlessly glide on your Segway through the shadowy cobblestone lanes, beneath the archetypal Portuguese “calçada” made of white limestone, symbolizing Lisbon’s distinctive aesthetic character.