COVID-19 – Extraordinary Measures

The world has changed, and so have we.

Live Electric Tours responds to the COVID-19 Pandemic with extreme protection measures for its employees and customers.

From now on, all of our procedures for picking up our cars will be in accordance with the rules defined by the General Directorate of Health and the World Health Organization.
Live Electric Tours holds the CLEAN & SAFE seal awarded by Turismo de Portugal and the SAFE TRAVELS seal by World Travel & Tourism Council guarantees that all hygiene and disinfection procedures are carried out before, during and after your tour.

When choosing Live Electric Tours, be sure that you are safe to discover the cities of Lisbon, Porto and Évora.

These are our security procedures:

Cleaning and safety policy

  • Our cars are cleaned with an alcohol-based disinfectant product at the beginning and at the end of each tour.
  • In our store, the customer reception area is ventilated and disinfected after the delivery of each vehicle.
  • Waiting and delivery areas for vehicles were created, with isolation from other customers.
  • Only 2 people can stay inside our store at a time.
  • Social distance equipment was placed on counters, to avoid permanent contact between customers and staff.
  • All our employees provide assistance equipped with gloves and masks, which are renewed with each assistance.
  • Alcohol gel solutions, masks and gloves are available to all customers if they wish.

Car pick-up procedures

  • Customers must always wear gloves and masks to enter our store.
  • Temperature control will be carried out on arrival.
  • During the tour, the use of a mask and gloves is mandatory.
  • Payments will only be accepted with cards or MBWAY.


During the period of calamity decreed by the Portuguese state, the hours of our stores, as well as of our tours will be adjusted. This procedure aims to protect employees and customers.

There may be tours that are not available and some cities that are not yet able to carry out our operation safely.

Cancellation Policy

Live Electric Tours has always had a flexible cancellation policy. When booking your tour you can cancel it at no cost and with a full refund of your money, 24 hours before the date of the tour.

If you want to change the date and time, it is also possible at any time, subject to availability.

General Recommendations

Be responsible. Protect yourself and others. Wear masks and other protective equipment.

Travel responsibly and make sure you don’t endanger risk groups.

Avoid places with many people and always ensure the social distance of 2 meters.

In the queues for entrances to touristic spots, reserve space for the person in front of you. Always disinfect your hands before entering and wear a mask.

Visit places with time and avoid getting close to closing times. Please note that most monuments are open during reduced hours, or even closed. Make sure to check the opening hours of them before opting for the visit.

Message from the ceo of live electric tours

Dear customers,

We live in moments of pure uncertainty regarding the future. We live in a new world, in which health and human life matter most.

The Corona Virus stopped the world, made us reflect, changed procedures and concepts.
In the last few months, we have been working for you, creating new paths so that nothing can be missing when you choose our tours again.

But now, it’s time to start over. It is time to smile, to live life, to travel, and to dream.
That’s what we work for every day. Live Electric Tours is back in operation, stronger than ever, and we are ready to do our best to make your vacation, your experience, unforgettable.

We know we are unique, and we want you to see that. We combine technology, sustainability and mobility. With us you will feel a unique sense of freedom through our cars, and that is what we will focus on, so that everything gets even better.

Count on us, trust us, stay safe.

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Djalmo Edgar Gomes