Live Electric Tours wins the “5G Challenges” contest at Aveiro Tech Week

Live Electric Tours took another important step in its recognition and notoriety by winning the “5G Challenges” contest at Aveiro Tech Week, a competition promoted by the Aveiro City Council and supported by Altice Labs, Ericsson, and the University of Aveiro (UA).

This competition had as its main objective to challenge companies, Universities, and citizens to present innovative ideas, products, and services capable of transforming the city and solving the problems identified by the community, with the help of 5G technology.

Live Electric Tours once again demonstrated the capacity for disruption by implementing Livestreaming technology in Multicamera and GPS Navigation with Audio Guide in real-time using the experimental 5G network.

“5G technology represents a huge advance in the experience of tourists, who today want to be always connected and to share all their experience with friends and family” – Djalmo Gomes, Founder and CEO of Live Electric Tours.

The use of 5G facilitates the entire technological process involving Live Electric Tours and will make the user experience even more appealing and user-friendly, since “it allows high performance at the level of data upload and reduced transmission latency”.

This is yet another award for Live Electric Tours, which develops innovative and technological solutions for the tourism market.