Tour Évora Cartuxa

We will take you to the heart of the Alentejo, one of the largest regions of Portugal, specifically to the charming city of Évora, surrounded by lush nature with its green and golden fields and a splendid architectural heritage and one of the most famous Portuguese wineries, the Adega da Cartuxa.


Let us start by telling you a little about the history of the Adega da Cartuxa, which started with José Maria Eugénio de Almeida being the proponent of the vineyard plantation in Valbom’s farm where the Adega da Cartuxa was born, in the vicinity of the Charterhouse Monastery.

The whole brand history is written by Eugénio de Almeida’s family, passing from generation to generation the knowledge and tradition, which makes Cartuxa wines quite unique and singular in the world.

Currently, from the Cartuxa Winery an amazing average of four million bottles are distributed annually, with white, rosé and red wines variety from the Vinea Cartuxa, EA, Foral de Évora, Cartuxa, Scala Coelo and the mythical Pêra Manca brands.


The winery is visited annually by thousands of people who enjoy a tasting and olfactory guided tour of the Cartuxa Winery facilities. That is why it can be quite difficult to schedule a guided tour, due to the high volume of demand. Sometimes it takes months jost to set up a guided tour.


If you are looking for last minute tickets to Adega da Cartuxa or are looking to complement your visit to Évora with a unique experience, we have the solution – TOUR ÉVORA CARTUXA.

We present you an innovative, fun and exclusive solution to learn the history of one of the most famous wineries in Portugal and its facilities where it produces one of the most famous, exclusive and unique wines of the brand, the Pêra Manca wine.

We offer you a unique self-drive experience in a 100% electric two-passenger car that features GPS audio guide, Wi-Fi and live stream technology to share your adventure and get to know Évora to your friends.

The Évora Cartucha Tour is one of the most exclusive tours designed for wine lovers who want to know the famous Cartuxa Winery and its unique corners that are part of the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation’s heritage history.

The 6-hour tour includes more than 12 sights, including:

    • Quinta de Valbom
    • Cartuxa Winery
    • Eugénio de Almeida Foundation
    • Cartuxa Wine Bar
    • Painted Houses
    • Old Carriage Collection
    • Chapel of Bones
    • University of Évora
    • and Monte dos Pinheiros.

We start this guided tour with the wine tasting at Adega da Cartuxa, tasting a variety of of the brand ?s wines.

After experiencing an olfactory and tasting experience, we will have lunch at Enoteca where we will learn a little about the gastronomic tradition of the city.

The afternoon is marked by a visit to the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation’s heritage, namely the vineyards where the mythical Pêra Manca wine is produced and the emblematic places of the city of Évora, ending at Monte dos Pinheiros.

The fun and adrenaline rush of driving an electric car will be another reason that will make this tour with Live Electric Tours an unforgettable experience to remember and share with your friends in the future.